Why is ad tracking important to the success of your advertising campaign?

For years business owners have recognized the truth of the statement “I know half my advertising is wasted—I just don’t know which half.”  The Calltrax Plus campaign tracking solution finally provides a way to successfully measure and track advertising through comprehensive phone call tracking.  The CallTrax Plus solution is an effective combination of phone call tracking software and keyword tracking software.  It can be used with any kind of advertising both traditional, online, and web2.0 campaigns finally giving you the ability to “verify your advertising”(tm).


Traditional advertising and Online advertising create responses, sales, and leads through phone calls.  Knowing which of your advertising efforts is working through our call tracking tool will help you implement ad monitoring that identifies both successful and unsuccessful campaigns so you can effectively spend your advertising budget where it generates the best results. Ad verification is the first step to an advertising tracking solution that truly works.  Never before has an ad tracking system or ad tracking software provided you with the power of CallTrax Plus.

Call Tracking and Campaign Tracking Saves Money

CallTrax Plus’ ad tracking service is an ad tracking tool that helps you track marketing by accurately collecting data about phone responses to your various efforts.  You can use telephone call tracking and the CallTrax Plus campaign tracking software to measure the effectiveness and track ads in Print advertising, Radio Advertising, Television Advertising, and online advertising.  Tracking campaigns will immediately help you save money by easily letting you identify and eliminate campaigns that don’t generate responses or advertising methods that don’t work well with other traditional effectiveness measurement tools like coupons.

Implement Call Tracking with any advertising medium

Traditional media: CallTrax Plus lets you quickly acquire clean toll free or local phone numbers to use as campaign trackers.  You then publish the acquired number in your print ad, television ad, or radio ad.  CallTrax Plus can even handle mail campaign tracking.  From the CallTrax Plus online reporting tool you can begin to measure results immediately.  Measure the cost per lead or cost per sale by simply turning on the campaign cost tracking feature.

The only phone call tracking system with 100% integration into Google Adwords and Analytics Conversions!ColumnChart

Online campaign tracking:  Online tracking campaigns is where CallTrax Plus really shines.  CTP’s online ad tracking provides the most powerful keyword tracking tool for offline (phone call) responses ever developed.  You can quickly acquire clean toll free or local phone numbers and assign them to any of the following:

  • (PPC) Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns
    Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Ad Center, Facebook, etc.
    Assign at the campaign, adgroup, or keyword level for complete keyword tracking
  • CPM (banner ad tracking)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Specific Referring Domains
  • Email Campaign Tracking

Simple ad campaign tracking integration

3dreport.jpg Through a simple Javascript added to the template of your website phone numbers appearing on your website are dynamically replaced so that visitors and their actions are associated with the CallTrax Number.  Adding Call tracking to your website has never been easier.

Can’t edit your website to add the ad tracking code?  Not a problem.  Through our proprietary proxy solution we can replace the numbers that your visitors see even if they appear in images!  Track email campaign(s) by simply adding a Calltrax number into the email and appending a tracking variable to all the links in the email.

Additional Campaign Tracking Features

Call Recording (no additional charge)
Reverse Lookup, Acquire Name and Address of Caller (addition charge)

Whether you are a business owner, marketing manager, Advertising Agency, Interactive Firm, Publisher, or PPC Management Company, we provide simply the best marketing campaign tracking software available on the market.  Our years of development and campaign tracking have allowed us to perfect campaign tracking.  Through marketing campaign tracking We help you prove the results you get or identify what needs to be changed. Through our “Campaign Track” training we can show you how to track campaign(s) in just minutes.  Improve your results by using marketing campaign tracking and start to track campaigns today! The best online casino https://bestonlinecasino.best/ can help you with this