Call Tracking

How Does Call Tracking Work?

call tracking process

Call Tracking with CallTraxPlus Couldn’t be simpler. 

Traditional Advertising Tracking

Step one: Order CallTrax Number(s)

Step two: Use the number in your ad

Step three: Review the Reports

Step four: Decide whether the ad campaign is working

Call Tracking for Online Advertising

Step one: Order CallTrax Number(s)

Step two: add a single line of code to your website

Step three: Configure Online Advertising to use a tracking code (simple)

Step four: Review the Reports

Step five: Decide whether the ad campaign is working

Is Call Tracking Easy to Implement?

Call Tracking  for traditional advertising is as simple as using the number in your ads instead of your regular number, both toll free and local numbers can be ordered.

Call Tracking for Online advertising requires a few additional steps.  If you aren’t sure how to do this,  our helpful staff will guide you through adding the code to your website and adding the tracking code to your ads.

My interactive agency handles my online advertising will you support them?

No problem (in fact they may already understand the simple to use technology).  We will support your agency’s personnel on how to implement Calltrax so you can better measure the effectiveness of your online campaigns.

How Soon can I start Call Tracking?

call tracking

Ordering a Calltrax number takes about 10 minutes (less if you are already a customer).  Setting up traditional advertising call tracking is done in a few minutes. 

Online advertising usage requires the addition of a single line of code on your website (it’s usually put into the template of the site, or used on an "included" page, the line of code needs to appear on every page of the site).  Once you have done that the first time you will not need to ad code to your website to use additional CallTrax numbers.