Keyword Tracking

Keyword Tracking can’t exclude phone calls

Keyword Tracking Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN adcenter all track keyword performance through conversion tracking.  However these methods of Keyword Tracking exclude phone call conversion tracking.  Many online advertisers and interactive agencies make decisions everyday based on inaccurate and incomplete conversion data.  Deactivating a keyword, adgroup, or campaign because of poor conversions is a requirement for good campaign management.  However ignoring the fact that keywords may generate phone calls as a conversion type regularly has unintended consequences.  Like the age old saying goes "I know that half my advertising isn’t working, I just don’t know which half".  Calltraxplus gives you the needed visibility into complete Keyword Tracking and conversion performance.

The Key to Keyword Tracking is Complete Conversion Counts

Keyword Tracking Keyword Tracking with CallTraxPlus gives you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about the keywords that are truly performing.  You don’t want to delete a keyword phrase or pause a keyword and inadvertently make the phones to your sales department stop ringing.  Some purchaser demographics are more likely to complete a sale by phone than to place an order online.  Do you know which keywords are generating those sales?  CallTraxPlus integrated Keyword Tracking gives you the knowledge you need.