Campaign Tracking

Using CallTraxPlus for Campaign Tracking Makes it Easy to Track your Success. 

campaign trackingCampaign Tracking with CallTraxPlus is simple, effective, and inexpensive. Grouping your various ads together to see the overall success of a complete campaign is made simple with CallTraxPlus’ reporting system.  Group similar and dissimilar ad mediums together to instantly see success.  For instance you can group your television, radio and specific Google Adwords adgroups into a single campaign and look at the total performance for the entire set of advertisements.

Campaign Tracking by Geography


CallTraxPlus has campaign and single ad reporting by Geography.  Campaign Tracking by Geography allows you to visualize campaign performance at the State level as well as at the zip code level.  When your campaigns are focused at specific geo targets the performance reporting lets you measure your successes and additionally see if there are results coming from "out of area" callers.

Stay Informed Live with Campaign Tracking

campaign tracking liveCallTraxPlus Campaign Tracking also allows you to stay informed of call performance with LIVE updates.  Receive email alerts at the completion of; Completed Calls, Hangups, and Calls sent to Voicemail. 

CallTraxPlus offers a full API interface to your call tracking data for live and historical call tracking reference purposes. Custom data can be collected during the call by your call taking staff, and all of this data can be reported as required.