Ad Track

It’s so easy, anyone can do it! That’s right! You too can ad track with CallTrax Plus! The simple reports will guide you as you analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. After all, if half of your advertising campaigns aren’t resulting in calls, then that’s money down the drain. Instead of wasting your resources, get the most out of them by ensuring that your advertising campaigns are highly effective.

In the world of advertising, money is often wasted on campaigns that are not very successful, but judging the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is difficult. Well not anymore! The call tracking software offered by CallTrax Plus will do wonders for your business! Start by calling and getting your CallTrax numbers. This process takes about ten minutes the first time you call, and is much faster for existing customers. CallTrax numbers should be used for each ad track, so request as many as you need. Once you have your CallTrax numbers, you replace your regular phone number in your ads with the respective CallTrax number. Once this is done, you will be able to view reports as calls come in.

Now the fun begins! The simple online reports offered by CallTrax will help you better use your advertising. These reports can show cost per lead as well as cost per sale, and can also divide calls by region. Imagine being able to see which ads were more effective in certain areas! This is the main tool used when you ad track – the reports with the data! These reports will guide you through the process of improving your advertising efforts.

Look at the results of each ad. One advertisement may be highly effective, and bring in lots of business, while another ad may be proven to be ineffective based on the number of calls resulting from that ad. Clearly the first ad should remain, and the second should be removed or improved. By re-allocating your resources to focus on successful advertising campaigns you will get more bang for your buck. This is an ongoing process, and each time a new campaign is created, a new CallTrax number should be requested in order to ad track.

Can you afford not to use call tracking software? Without effective ads, you won’t be able to grow your business by gaining new customers. Call today, and get your CallTrax numbers for all of your advertising campaigns. It’s easy, fast, and one of the most valuable tools that your business can use. Stop wasting money on hit or miss campaigns, and start to use CallTrax Plus to ad track today!