Ad Tracking

Ad Tracking

Ad tracking allows you to closely monitor the success of any campaign and make intelligent decisions about the continuation of either the ad or the particular media outlet being used. Wasted advertising spending is not acceptable nor is it necessary with CallTrax Plus. We seek to help you determine where you advertising dollars work best for you and how to make your advertising more efficient and cost effective.

Accomplishing both the branding mission and the call to action mission in every campaign is extremely important. You want to see a return on your investment and know that your money is working for you to build your business. Without effective ad tracking there is no way to ensure you are meeting the goals you have established for your advertising campaign. We are here to track your campaign and deliver a detailed report of what is working for you and for what you should reconsider or re-purpose your advertising dollars.

Ad tracking gives you the information you need to make informed decisions. The ability to deliver news and reports is greater than ever. Our in-depth reports allow you to verify your advertising and justify your spending to members of the board, financial executives and whomever else needs to know that you are receiving value for your money. Our comprehensive tracking and reporting gives you the facts so you can walk into the boardroom or meetings and clearly show why you made the decisions you made. It puts your decisions in black and white.

We offer more than just ad tracking. We also offer call tracking, keyword tracking and campaign tracking so you can know without a doubt what works to build your success as a company and what does not. Call tracking allows you to use a unique number in your advertising and we can monitor the success of your call to action mission. Campaign tracking allows you to group various ads together to see the overall success of a complete campaign. Keyword tracking gives you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about the keywords that are or are not performing. All these together give you a detailed and conclusive insight to your advertising and how it is or is not working to meet your goals.

Our call tracking service is affordable and simple to implement. All it takes is your decision to have your campaigned tracked for effectiveness and a phone call. We provide real customer service where you have the opportunity to talk to live people. We look forward to working with you to determine what works and what does not work in your advertising campaign. Contact us today to learn more about ad tracking and how it can benefit you.