Advertising Tracking

Advertising tracking can get you the information you need to justify your spending and verify your advertising. With CallTrax Plus, we monitor the success of any campaign and provide you with in-depth reports that help you make intelligent decisions about the continuation of certain ads or a particular media outlet being used. Gone are the days of wasted advertising dollars. It is time you knew the effectiveness of your ads with CallTrax Plus.

We are your solution to advertising tracking. Our software successfully measures and tracks your advertising through comprehensive phone call tracking. It is an effective combination of phone call tracking and keyword tracking and can be used with any kind of advertising including online, traditional and web2.0 campaigns. Advertising is meant to create responses, sales and leads through phone calls and clicks. By tracking these calls and clicks, we can determine which of your advertising efforts are successful or unsuccessful so you can effectively spend your advertising budget where is gives you the greatest return on investment.

By adding Javascript to the template of your website, phone numbers are dynamically replaced so that visitors and their actions are associated with your unique CallTrax number. Call tracking is easy to implement and usually only takes a few minutes to set up.

Our system is easy to implement and based on efficient advertising solutions. If you are not reaching your target audience, then your throwing money away. Using an advertising tracking system can help you determine which type of advertising works best for your company. It can guide you in the right direction for more advertising in one medium while cutting back in another. With conclusive reports, you can make informed decisions about your advertising campaign and bring you the confidence through facts needed when you explain your position to others in your company.

How well is your advertising working? We help you to understand if you are reaching your target audience, to see the value for your money, to make decisions on where your advertising dollar is best spent and help you to analyze the facts and make the best presentation to other financial advisers and board members within your company. All these reasons are important to the success of your business and its future. Therefore, advertising tracking may be your best solution to help grow your business.

CallTrax Plus is your solid solution to tracking and monitoring the success of your advertising campaigns. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you have. It is our goal to provide you will real customer service and help you understand your advertising value with advertising tracking. Contact us today to get started and learn more about CallTrax Plus.