Call Tracker

Call Tracker

A call tracker is a system that monitors your advertising campaign’s success. Through the use of a unique phone number or embedded code on your website, CallTrax Plus can help you monitor and analyze where your advertising dollars are best spent. You want to see the value in advertising and ensure the effectiveness of your campaign. After all, you want to know that you are reaching your target audience and that your call to action is successful in driving new customers to your business.

Call tracker systems are pretty simple for consumers. With phone call tracking, usually you have a unique phone number assigned to your advertisement so we can monitor the success rate of the ad. For online tracking, there is a code embedded into your website that allows us to monitor the traffic coming from your website. You use these techniques and we do the rest and return to you a report summarizing your best advertising value for the money.

CallTrax Plus offers you affordable call tracking solutions. We base out pricing on the quantity of numbers you wish to have tracked and the number of pooled minutes you need for all your incoming advertising responses. Traditionally, you had to make a minimum monthly commitment for each toll free number you have to get a discount on your per minute price. pooled minutes allows you to leverage your total number of minutes across all your local or toll free numbers. That makes us one of the most affordable call tracker companies around.

We offer real customer service where you get to speak with a live person to discuss your options, needs and results. We take pride in handling our customers with real personal service. We feel that as a quality call tracker company, you need to have contact with a real person to get real answers in a timely manner. You need answers fast so you know where to spend money and which advertising works. We are here to help you get those answers and determine which form of advertising is best for your company.

It is time you understood where your advertising money is going and where your advertising dollars work best. With CallTrax Plus, you get affordable call and ad tracking that is easy to implement and takes very minimal set up. We invite you to learn more about us and the services we offer. Contact us today for pricing and with any questions or concerns you may have about the call tracker system and how we can best serve you and your company.