Call Tracking Software

Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software can be quite expensive, frustrating to implement, and learn for the general consumer. Although ad and call tracking is a fantastic idea, most people do not think about how to monitor the success of their advertising campaign. CallTrax Plus is your tracking solution company. We can monitor and report the success of your campaign based on unique incoming phone calls and website clicks without costing you a lot of time or money.

Call tracking software for traditional advertising is easy to implement. You use a special phone number in your ads and we do the rest. You can order both toll free and local phone numbers. You can also opt to track online advertising by adding a special code to your website and a tracking code to your ads. We even support your interactive agency that handles your online advertising. By implementing CallTrax, you can better measure the effectiveness of your online campaigns.

We take pride in handling our customers one by one with real personal service. We seek to provide you with the best possible customer experience. Our goal is to give you the best value for your money and help you to be aware of how your advertising dollars work for you. It gives you the opportunity to make changes towards success in your business and determine what works and what does not work in your advertising campaign.

Our pricing is based on two factors. The quantity of numbers you wish to purchase and the number of pooled minutes you need for all your incoming responses. Unlike traditional toll free numbers where you make a minimum monthly commitment for each number you have in order to get a discount on your per minute price, we allow for pooled minutes which leverages your total number of minutes used across all your numbers giving you affordable pricing. We do not base our prices on the call tracking software or the amount of work we have to do in order to give you a comprehensive report. This saves you money and helps you to make wise choices when it comes to your advertising.

Our call tracking software is extensive, thorough, and will give you a good snap shot of what advertising mediums are working for you and which you may want to reconsider. It also helps you determine if you are reaching your intended audience, and how you can reach more people with effective advertising. It puts into perspective the value of your advertising dollar, and the potential waste of money certain advertising mediums can be for your ultimate goal.

We look forward to working with you and helping you to determine solutions so that you’re not wasting money. We will leave the success of your advertising up to you while you leave the monitoring of your campaign to us through our call tracking software. Contact us today to learn more!