Online Call Tracking

Online call tracking is a great way to track calls with your online advertising and website. By embedding Javascript onto your website page, we can track and monitor the calls that come in based on your unique toll free or local phone number. Once we have a good idea of the type of responses you receive, we provide you with an in-depth report of our findings. This report helps you to make intelligent decisions on where to spend your advertising dollars.

We are CallTrax Plus and we seek to help you determine where you advertising dollars work best for you and how to make your advertising more efficient and cost effective. Our reports allow you to verify your advertising and justify your spending to members of the board, financial executives and whomever else needs to know that you are receiving value for your money. Our comprehensive online call tracking and reporting gives you the facts so you can walk into the boardroom or meetings and clearly show why you made the decisions you made. It puts your facts and decisions in black and white.

We offer the ability to do more than just online call tracking. We also offer ad tracking, campaign tracking and keyword tracking depending on your needs. Ad tracking allows us to closely monitor the success of any campaign and make intelligent decisions about the continuation of an ad or the particular media outlet. Without effective ad tracking there is no way to insure you are meeting the goals that you have established. Campaign tracking allows you to group various ads together to see the overall success of a complete campaign. Keyword tracking gives you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about the keywords that are truly performing. You do not want to delete a keyword phrase or pause a keyword and inadvertently make the phones to your sales department stop ringing. The idea is to keep business booming and that can be done with our tracking systems.

nline call tracking provides you the most powerful software and tracking tools for offline responses ever developed. Your toll free or local phone numbers can be assigned to do any of the following: pay per click advertising campaigns, banner ad tracking, affiliate marketing, email campaign tracking and more. We can implement call tracking with any advertising medium. With traditional media, we let you quickly acquire phone numbers to use as campaign trackers. All you do is publish the number in your print ad, television ad or radio ad. We can even handle mail campaign tracking and you can begin to measure results immediately with our online reporting tool. Our call tracking system is 100 percent integrated into Google Adwords and Analytics Conversions.

t is time you chose CallTrax Plus and let us and our software work for you to determine the most effective advertising mediums for your business. Let our online call tracking system work for you. Call us today to get started!