Phone Call Tracker

Why Should You Use A Phone Call Tracker

Which advertising campaign has the highest return on investment? This question can easily be answered by using a phone call tracker. This tool tracks how many calls come in from each advertisement, and provides you with valuable information to help you see just how effective your advertising campaigns really are. Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not – it’s simply CallTrax Plus, helping businesses help themselves.

Step one is to contact CallTrax Plus to obtain phone numbers. These phone numbers can be local or toll free, and you can get as many as you need. How can it get better, you ask? You can order numbers in about ten minutes, and the process is even faster for existing customers! With service like this, there’s no reason not to use a phone call tracker with each and every ad!

After you get your CallTrax numbers, you simply substitute them for your regular phone number in your ads. For radio, television, and print ads, this is a simple substitution. For online advertising, just add a single line of code to your website, and configure your online advertising to use a tracking code. This is an easy process, but assistance is available from the CallTrax Plus staff. That’s all it takes to begin using your phone call tracker!

Once your advertisements are set up with CallTrax phone numbers, you can view reports with the online tracking tool. This handy tool can show your cost per lead or cost per sale from any add. It can also break up calls by geography. With CallTrax Plus you also get call recording, and you can look up the name and address of each caller. With these tools, you can easily analyze the effectiveness of each ad. What’s not to love about the ability to track calls?

Now that you have feedback on how effective your advertising campaigns are, you can better decide which campaigns to continue investing in, and which campaigns either need to be redesigned or dropped. Each time you create a new ad or redesign an ad, it’s as simple as getting new CallTrax numbers and plugging them in. When you use this phone call tracker with each advertising campaign, you will always know which ads are successful.

No more will your advertising be hit or miss. You can focus your advertising dollars into proven campaigns, and cut low-performing ads. With CallTrax Plus call tracking software, you will have the tools you need to ensure that your advertising is effective. Why waste money, when the solution to your problems is as simple as a phone call tracker?