Phone Call Tracking

Phone Call Tracking

Phone call tracking is a method of determining and analyzing what does or does not work for your advertising campaign with the use of a unique call in phone number. Have you ever wondered which advertisements are bringing you the best results? For example, some companies use coupons to determine their advertising success. However, it is much harder to determine the response rate on other forms of advertising mediums such as radio, television and the Internet. The use of a unique phone number or embedded code can help track the success rate of your advertisement’s call to action.

Traditional toll free numbers mean you make a minimum monthly commitment for each number you have to get a discount on your per minute price. Since we provide you a unique phone number, we are able to track the response rate and help you determine if your advertising is working for you like it should. Pooled minutes give you better affordability based on the number of minutes you need for each incoming advertising response. With phone call tracking we can help you pinpoint your needs for efficient, affordable advertising.

CallTrax Plus monitors the response rate based on the number of people who call your unique local or toll free number. Our phone call tracking system allows you to purchase a quantity of phone numbers and pooled minutes, which lets you leverage your total minutes across all your phone numbers. We then provide you a report so you can analyze and determine if the type of advertising you have invested in is of value.

Phone call tracking is easy and effective. First, you order your CallTrax number. Then, you use the number in your ad. Next, you review the reports and finally you decide if the ad campaign is working. If it is working as you want, then you continue to use the advertisement. If not, you will be able to change the ad campaign to better serve you and you will be doing so with the facts in front of you. There is no need to let your advertising dollars go to waste or be less valuable to the overall success of your company.

Call tracking is easy to implement and usually only takes a few minutes to set up. We even offer ad tracking that embeds a code into your website to track the actions your potential customers. We look forward to working with you and answering any questions you have. It is our goal to provide you will real customer service and help you understand your advertising value with phone call tracking. Contact us today to get started and learn more about CallTrax Plus.