Phone Calls Tracking

Who tracks incoming phone calls? Tracking the response rate from an advertising campaign is important to the overall success of your business, to saving money and to determine the effectiveness of your campaign. There is software and teams of people available to track your incoming phone calls and to analyze the success of your advertising campaign. CallTrax Plus is your single solution to tracking and monitoring your calls, ads, keywords and more.

With phone calls, tracking usually involves a unique phone number assigned to your advertisement and our software so we can monitor the success rate of the ad. For online tracking, there is a code embedded into your website that allows us to monitor the traffic coming from your website. By using these techniques, we can monitor incoming calls and clicks and return to you a report summarizing your best advertising value for the money.

In today’s economic times, money is tight. Therefore, you want to be sure that every advertising dollar you spend is wisely spent and delivers a strong return on your investment. Call tracking allows you to quickly see if your advertising campaign is effective and, if not, make any changes you deem necessary to improve the overall effectiveness of your campaign. That is why it is so important to track incoming call to action phone calls. Tracking these calls can lead to a better understanding of your target audience and delivering an ad that will drive customers to your place of business.

Our system allows you to purchase a quantity of phone numbers and pooled minutes, which lets you leverage your total minutes across all your phone numbers. CallTrax Plus monitors the response rate based on the number of people who call your unique local or toll free number. We then provide you a report so you can analyze and determine if the type of advertising you have invested in is of value.

We offer real customer service where you get to speak with a live person to discuss your options, needs and results. We take pride in handling our customers with real personal service. We feel that as a quality tracking company, you need to have contact with a real person to get real answers in a timely manner. You need answers fast so you know where to spend money and which advertising works. We are here to help you get those answers by tracking your incoming phone calls. Tracking calls helps to determine which form of advertising is best for your company.

It is time you chose to work with CallTrax Plus and find out where your advertising money is going. Is it being used wisely or being thrown away unnecessarily? Let us work for you and your phone calls. Tracking calls can help you save money and we are just the team to help.