Track Calls

Track Calls

The best way to track calls is with CallTrax Plus. We track the incoming calls from your advertising campaign to help you determine if your advertising dollars are being spent wisely. After all, what good is spending money on advertising if you are not getting any return on your investment? We help you to make factual decisions on your ad campaign through the use of our call tracking and ad tracking system.

Our system is easy to implement and based on efficient advertising solutions. If you are not reaching your target audience, then your throwing money away. Using a system to track calls can help you determine which type of advertising works best for your company. It can guide you in the right direction for more advertising in one medium while cutting back in another. With conclusive reports, you can make informed decisions about your advertising campaign and determine the best use for your money.

We offer the ability to do more than just track calls. We also offer, ad tracking, campaign tracking and keyword tracking depending on your needs. Ad tracking allows us to closely monitor the success of any campaign and make intelligent decisions about the continuation of an ad or the particular media outlet. Without effective Ad Tracking of all forms of responses to a given campaign there is no way to insure you are meeting the goals that you have established. Campaign tracking allows you to group various ads together to see the overall success of a complete campaign. Keyword tracking gives you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about the keywords that are truly performing. You do not want to delete a keyword phrase or pause a keyword and inadvertently make the phones to your sales department stop ringing. The idea is to keep business booming and that can be done with our tracking systems.

As you can see, tracking is important in all aspects of your advertising and promotion of your company. You need to make informed decisions as far as how your money is being spent and maximize your value. It is not just about putting a coupon in the paper and see how many people return to your company with the coupon in hand. It is about tracking the performance of all advertising mediums such as radio and television and driving people to your place of business. It is a lot easier to allow us to track calls through a unique phone number than for you and your employees to remember to ask how the customer found you.

We look forward to working with you and being your allies in discovering and analyzing where your advertising money is best spent. There is no need to waste money and not be informed. We are here to help track calls and monitor success so contact us today!