Track Phone Calls

If only you could track phone calls to judge how effective your advertising campaigns are! Well, you can, and it’s easier than you might imagine. By utilizing CallTrax Plus’ call tracking software you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns with ease.

Getting started is easy. The first thing you need to do is order CallTrax numbers for all of your campaigns. Then use those numbers in your advertisements. For print, radio, and just about any non-online advertisement, you simply substitute your CallTrax number for your regular phone number. If you’re using a website, it’s as easy as inserting a single line of code and configuring your online advertising to use a tracking code. That’s all! After that you can view reports and analyze the success of your campaigns! It’s easy to track phone calls.

Sound pretty simple? CallTrax Plus makes it even better. You can order both local and toll free numbers to use, so our numbers will match your advertising preference. Assistance implementing your online tracking code is also available. The dedicated staff members are always happy to help, and the great service will make it easy as you begin to track phone calls.

Once you’ve implemented your CallTrax numbers, you can review reports online. Tracking features can be adjusted to measure the cost per lead or the cost per sale. Your reports will help show you which ads are bringing in the calls and sales. This can make a huge difference in analyzing the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. You may already know which ads are opened and read, or result in online submissions, but these numbers do not always correlate to the numbers of calls and sales your business receives. Don’t guess at these important statistics! Have the data on hand as you plan your next advertising campaign!

CallTrax Plus doesn’t just track phone calls. They also offer a few additional features such as phone call recording, and reverse lookup that can acquire the name and address of callers. Additionally, they can report on more than just calls per ad – the reporting system can also report on calls by geography. Imagine how much you can do with this call tracking software!

Everyone wants to improve their return on investment, and one of the best ways to do that is to invest in advertising campaigns that have high success rates. Why spend money on campaigns that aren’t helping your business grow? Instead, analyze your campaigns by getting real data on how many calls or sales they bring in. By focusing on successful campaigns you can reduce ad spending while increasing their effectiveness. Track phone calls and advertise more efficiently with CallTrax Plus. What’s not to love about spending less and getting more?