Tracking Calls

Tracking calls is a great way to determine if your advertising campaign is working for you. When you see a commercial on television that tells you to, “call now!” with a phone number, those numbers are able to be tracked to determine if that commercial is effective or not. This means you can change your advertising tactics before you waste a lot of money on ineffective ads.

CallTrax Plus is your solution to tracking calls. With a unique phone number, you can have potential customers call and we can track and monitor the success of your campaign with our tracking software. We give you a detailed analysis of the results with facts and graphs so that you can made an educated decision as to whether or not your ads are benefiting your business or are wasting your money.

Our goal is to help you understand how advertising expenses can work for you and a way to monitor the progress of your campaigns to ensure you are getting the best value for your advertising dollar. We are a full service tracking company. We offer ad tracking, campaign tracking and keyword tracking as well as call tracking.

Tracking calls for traditional advertising is easy to implement. You can order both toll free and local phone numbers. You can also opt to track online advertising by adding a special code to you website and a tracking code to your ads. We even support your interactive agency that handles your online advertising. By implementing CallTrax, you can better measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

We offer you affordable solutions for tracking calls. We base out pricing on the quantity of numbers you wish to have tracked and the number of pooled minutes you need for all your incoming advertising responses. Traditionally, you had to make a minimum monthly commitment for each toll free number you have to get a discount on your per minute price. Pooled minutes allows you to leverage your total number of minutes across all your local or toll free numbers.

We know in this economy that it is wise to spend every penny in a way that is going to benefit your company. That is why call tracking and campaign tracking are so important. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign that looks great on paper but does not effectively work to drive people to your business. Throwing away that kind of money can be detrimental to your business. Therefore, you want to be sure that every advertising dollar you spend is working to build your business. Our call tracking system allows you to realize early the potential of your campaign and make changes if they are necessary. Allow CallTrax Plus to work for you and help you succeed in your advertising campaign with our system for tracking calls.