Call Track

Do You Call Track

Why should you call track? In today’s mobile world, consumers can easily access businesses’ contact information at virtually any time or place. Just a few words entered into their smartphone and the tap of a screen are all it takes for you to get a call. In order for them to call, however, your advertising campaigns need to be effective.
Your ads can be well branded, clear, concise, and follow all the rules, but how can you tell if they’re really getting you calls, much less sales? CallTrax Plus can help. By utilizing their call tracking software, you can see how effective each of your advertising campaigns really are.

So why call track? By knowing how many calls or sales come in as a result of ad A versus ad B, you can better focus your resources. This can also help you design future campaigns. Not only can you track the cost per lead with CallTrax Plus’ reports, but you can also track cost per sale. But wait! There’s more! The reporting system can also break up calls by geographic region. Not only can this help guide you if you are targeting a certain area, but it can show you if one ad is having an unexpectedly large effect in a different region.
Imagine having solid data to use when making advertising and budgeting decisions. Solid evidence, like cost per sale or simply the number of calls that it has brought in, can show that an ad is working. This could be a huge benefit when it’s time to work on an advertising budget. That same evidence can help make advertising decisions, such as which ads to keep and which to cut. By being able to call track, you can better focus your business’ resources on successful advertising campaigns, and reduce spending on less successful campaigns.
Not only can the ability to call track save you money, but it’s easy and fast to set up! By spending about ten minutes on the phone you can get started. Get as many CallTrax numbers as you need and plug them into your advertisements. Both local and toll free numbers are available, so no matter what your need, CallTrax Plus has you covered. Once your advertisements have your CallTrax numbers, you’re ready to go! Just review the reports as calls come in, and make adjustments where necessary.

Make sure that your advertisements get you the business that you deserve! With CallTrax Plus, you can make sure that you’re getting the most out of your advertising campaigns. Don’t put it off! Call today and get set up to call track!